PhD-candidate in research-project Sustainable Experiences in Tourism Inland Norway (Project ‘BOR’) , Eva Duedahl, will present preliminary research results in her 50% PhD seminar January 31st 2020.

Duedahl will discuss and present findings from a series of articles and conference proceedings, such as:

How may tourism co-design assist to identify latent opportunities with others to encourage sustainable tourism futures?

How can co-design with others engender sustainable tourism practices and stewardship alliances for sustainable development?

How may engaging with nature enable sustainable ageing incl. opportunities og go-along methods to tourism research?

What may we learn from migratory whales and invasive oysters regarding sustainable tourism development?

Aim and research question

Duedahls dissertation specifically explores how collaborative tourism design (co-design) can enable transitions towards sustainable tourism development. Herein, identification of latent opportunities that may help enhance values of locals, tourists and nature.

What is tourism co-design?

Tourism co-design is a co-learning and co-generative research and development endeavour. It is shifting the notion of developing tourism for others and instead engaging a collaborative process og designing tourism with others.

Picture is showing a game with the UN global goals, developed to use in co-design research

Co-design is designing tourism with others, rather than developing tourism for others.